mercredi 23 novembre 2016

ZERO HALLIBURTON Brand Ambassador Ronaldinho

 ZERO HALLIBURTON, Inc. proudly introduces Ronaldinho as its new Brand Ambassador. 
ZERO HALLIBURTON, known worldwide for its iconic Aluminum Luggage and Business Cases, has signed a contract with Professional Soccer Player Ronaldinho to become their newest Global Brand Ambassador.  Ronaldinho, whose full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, is a 2-time FIFA Player of the Year and 2-Time World Soccer Magazine World Player of the Year, and he recently was inducted into the Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame.  Ronaldinho, a world-class athlete and traveler, understands and strives for perfection, control, and success in sport as well as in travel, making him an ideal Spokesman for the ZERO HALLIBURTON brand.   
As ZERO HALLIBURTON's Brand Ambassador, Ronaldinho will be involved in various projects and initiatives.  Ronaldinho's Facebook Page, "R10ZEROHalliburton", launches October 21, and will include Posts that detail and elaborate on his travels around the world using iconic ZERO HALLIBURTON products. 
To follow Ronaldinho on Facebook, click on the link: R10ZEROHalliburton/
To follow Ronaldinho on Instagram, click on the link: r10xzero/
In addition, Ronaldinho will be promoting a Limited Edition Camera Case and Business Card Set with his laser-etched signature on the exterior.  This Limited Edition Product will be available November 2016, with a limited run of 120. 
ZERO HALLIBURTON's iconic Luggage and Business Cases are sold at the ZERO HALLIBURTON Flagship Stores on Madison Avenue in New York City and at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY, and at the finest specialty luggage and department stores throughout the world.  ZERO HALLIBURTON products may also be purchased online at  Please note that additional product and promotional information may also be found on our Facebook page: zerohalliburton1938/.
ZERO HALLIBURTON proudly introduces Ronaldinho as our new Brand Ambassador!

The Limited Edition Camera Case and Business Card Set with his laser-etched signature on the exterior.

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